Over sixty years dedicated to produce the complexity with the highest quality

A Group of excellence, Made in Italy.


We are Your Global Fasteners Specialist

Our Group is made of 2 of the leading producers of high quality fasteners in Italy, Colombo Special Fasteners based in Cisano Bergamasco and Tecno Fasteners based in Milan.

Every day, tons of high quality special parts reach our customers.

The two facilities are in perfect integration with each other, offering a wide range of products about different types and sizes, and on different markets.

Ø 2 mm – 33 mm

L 6 mm – 240 mm


More than 60 years of commitment to excellence

Our Group is run by Colombo family, that decides every aspect of the business, since more than 60 years. 

We are based in the renovated headquarters in Cisano Bergamasco, a wonderful location on the natural park of Adda river.

Hard work, research and development, obsessive attention to every detail, the willing to make the impossibile, possible.

The burning desire to make our customers satisfied by giving them the highest quality product. These are the strength of our Group.

Thanks to our integrated productive and sales process, our Group is your global Fasteners specialist.

If you can think it, we can build it.